standard white console, brown steering pods and chrome wheels


Specifications and features continued:


- Remote control cruisers are ideal for most types of pool, either existing water areas or purpose built pools of vinyl. Maximise profits with seamless integration into an existing water area, as shown above. Larger water areas can be converted using a floating boom.


- Add extra features and appeal to your play area with our optional accessories including lighthouse, buoys and marina pontoons.


- Electronic multi coin mechs fitted as standard. Note acceptors also available (currency restrictions may apply). Alternatively, can be supplied ready to interface with customer’s own card swipe system.


- Electronic credit display allows the operator complete control over the price of play. 


- 140cm boats are fitted with our proven transmission system using super quality Swiss Maxon motors. These give greater service life and use up to 70% less current than cheaper alternatives, resulting in improved battery life and longer running between charges.

Specifications & features:


- With no direct staffing, our standard “Genesis” technology provides the desired minimal maintenance, excellent payback and consistent profits.


- Chrome steering wheels and forward / reverse levers are fitted as standard, as shown above, combined with teak effect dashboard. Mahogany steering wheels are also available to help complement a specific site theme.


- Available in sets of 4,6,8,10 or 12 models, please see recommended area sizes over. 


- 140cm boat hulls are manufactured from fibre glass and are extremely hard wearing. Boat tops are manufactured from coloured PVC.


- Boats are fully controllable in both forward and reverse and with, twin propeller control, will turn in their own length.



standard fibre glass coloured hull and PVC coloured top

power cruiser c/w cruiser top