Specifications & features:


- Realistic backup beeper sounds when the truck is reversed. Speed also reduced to 1/5th of forward speed for extra control.


- To assist with trailer coupling automatic brakes operate on two wheels of the trailer. Should the truck jack-knife, the trailer will part with the cab unit automatically.


- Available in sets of 4,6,8,10 or 12 models, please see recommended area sizes over.


- With no direct staffing, our standard “Genesis” technology provides the desired minimal maintenance, excellent payback and consistent profits.

Specifications & features continued:


- Electronic multi coin mechs fitted as standard. Note acceptors also available (currency restrictions may apply). Alternatively, can be supplied ready to interface with customer’s own card swipe system.


- Electronic credit display allows the operator complete control over the price of play. 


- Cab and trailer chassis moulded from polypropylene with additional support from substantial bumpers to ensure Super Trucks are strong and extremely hard wearing.


- Three styles of cab body available and four styles of trailers. Any truck will connect to any trailer, see styles over.


- Indoor or outdoor operation with all age appeal.

standard white console, blue steering pods and solid plastic wheels



standard black polyprolylene chassis and coloured PVC top (both can and trailer)

super truck cab body c/w tanker trailer