coloured fibre glass body, optional seat belts shown

Specifications & features:


- Orbiters are powered by 2 heavy duty 12 volt rechargeable batteries and can be operated on most level floors including wood, tarmac or concrete. Only a secure barrier is required around the track perimeter.


- Voice sound effect confirms that the player has been hit which encourages a fun and game element between individuals or teams.


- Orbiters move with an instant response from finger-tip twin joysticks offering players exceptional versatility and control.


- The unique angled safety seat and padded head rest allows both children and adults to ride safely in a comfortable position with easy access to the joystick controls.


- Attractively decalled bodies are available in a variety of fibre glass colours. Indoor or outdoor operation, one sized car and all age appeal.


- A unique futuristic battery operated vehicle for operators wanting a flexible and versatile bumper car solution without the development, expense and running costs of a conventional dodgem track. 


- “We’ve been hit!” hit ‘n’ spin feature gives added enjoyment via a safe infra red beam activated by pushing the fire button on the right hand joystick control. Each car has targets mounted in the rear 270 degree section; hit a target on another car and that car will spin one and a half revolutions before play continues. 


- Strong painted steel chassis, solid rubber tyres and substantial pneumatic bumper combined with Tornado designed robust motor drive system help provide an extremely strong and hard wearing solution to cope with the vigours and demands of impacts through continued and profitable operations.


We take safety very seriously and have designed our vehicle to offer the necessary comfort and protection for your guests.


- In normal operation (non ridemaster control) the main control box comes with variable timer, variable volume and coin control.


- Orbiters travel at approximately 4 mph and can spin around on the spot with the 2 joysticks  pushed in opposite positions.


- Batteries should be given a good overnight charge at the end of every day and can even be charged in the car itself or taken to a charging location.

for enhanced safety, this allows orbiters to operate in 3 different modes:


1) Individual Play

Orbiters work independently using their own internal timer (a go is started when a coin/token drops through the coin mech).

2) Session Play - Pay in Car

Guests pay in the car by dropping coin through the coin mech. All vehicles coined are started by the attendant and time out at the same time from the central Ridemaster control box timer.

3) Session Play - Pay Attendant

Guests pay attendant instead of coin mech insertion. All other features as 2) above.


In all Ridemaster modes, the cars can all be stopped immediately during a go using the emergency stop located on the start/stop hand controller.

Specifications & features continued:


Orbiter bumper cars have been designed with you, the operator, in mind. From the ease of simple day to day use, maintenance with our modular parts for service and repair to the very important issue of safety for your customers. Orbiters can be operated as follows: 


- As stand alone vehicles with optional seat belts. Each car with independent control electronics and timers operated via a coin/token.


- Fitted with our Tornado designed and manufactured Ridemaster system featuring the ability to control all vehicles from one staffed central location and optional seat belts.


- Available with optional Ridemaster safety system, seatbelts and any number of vehicles depending on the area size available, please see below for more information. 




emergency stop hand controller and ridemaster control box