Established from very humble beginnings, Tornado’s award winning products are renowned throughout the world for their quality and reliability. Designing, manufacturing and supplying direct to the leisure industry since 1970, we have over 40 years of experience and therefore know more than anyone how important choosing the right company in the specialised field of coin operated amusement products is, particularly when profits depend upon the reliability and continued operation of the equipment.


Manufactured and supported directly from our factory in the United Kingdom, they are an exceptional investment which will give a fast return of capital and continue to be popular and profitable year after year. Our unique range of products have been specifically designed as family fun attractions, suitable for either indoor or outdoor locations for children and adults, either individually or in groups.


Our extensive range of amusement products can be adapted to fit in almost any location, from boat pools, theme parks and amusement arcades to zoos, retail outlets and family entertainment centres. Maximise profits from otherwise redundant and unused space from as little as 3.0 x 2.5 metres up to an area of 100 square metres or even larger for multiple unit attractions. We can help with a complete design and advice service with suggestions on the number and style of remote control models or aqua blasta theme for example, to ensure the very best attraction for your business and location.

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Prompt first class service is assured both during the warranty period and throughout the industry renowned long life of our equipment. All products are supplied with a comprehensive spares pack, easy to follow operation procedures and product manuals. No special technical skills are required and our plug-in style systems are designed for easy maintenance to help eliminate equipment downtime and maximise profits.



We know where it counts. Day after day use demands the best. Tornado equipment is individually designed and manufactured  using modern techniques and high quality materials to give maximum performance and endurance. Every unit is thoroughly tested before delivery and is backed by our tradition and industry reputation of quality, dependability and low maintenance. All equipment is built to withstand the rigours and hard use demanded by operators and the leisure industry.

operated worldwide and enjoyed by millions of all ages!

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The popularity and all age appeal of Tornado equipment means you can expect high repeat plays, consistent profits and a fast payback on your investment. Generally accepted charge for a play time of 1.5 to 2.0 minutes is £1 - £2 or the equivalent in tokens or local currency. It is normal to expect a full return of the equipment’s initial cost within its first full conventional season although this may vary depending on location.  



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