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 Tel +44(0)121 773 1827


If you have any queries regarding faults or the installation process, please call +44(0)121 773 1827 during our office hours (0800 - 1630 GMT Monday - Thursday, 0800 - 1300 Friday) and ask for our service department, or send an email to and we will get back to you promptly.

Please have an accurate and comprehensive list of symptoms when you contact us.


60/80cm boats

58cm cars

Super trucks



Fire blasta user manual

Fire blasta installation manual

Fire blasta assembly instructions

Pirate blasta user manual

Pirate blasta assembly instructions

Jungle blasta user manual

Jungle blasta assembly instructions

Medieval blasta user manual

Medieval blasta assembly instructions

Flume blasta

The content of these documents is generic and subject to change. Depicted equipment may differ from your own, please refer to your supplied documentation where possible.

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