Specifications & features: (all themes same size)


- Available in 4 different themes to suit a variety of different locations.  Aqua Blasta is simple, fast and exciting with up to 40 water activated targets and interactive fire back features for increased player enjoyment.


- Stand alone game for 4 players. No staffing required, minimal maintenance, excellent payback and consistent profits. Electronic multi coin mechs fitted as standard or alternatively, can be supplied ready to interface with customer’s own card swipe system.


- Makes excellent use of otherwise redundant space as Aqua Blasta requires only a solid flat level 3 x 3 metres of floor area (includes standing area). Electronic timer allows operator complete control over the price of play and play duration. Complete with attract mode to attract passers by when the game is not in use.


- Outdoor or indoor operation with all age appeal. Additional splashback kit and rubber matting recommended for indoor operation.


- Polyester painted galvanised steel cabinet sealed with silicone rubber. Fibre glass consoles and pump housing. Targets manufactured from PVC with non ferrous bearings and fixings.


- Full colour outside cabinet decals (side), target themed decals and realistic sound effects. Check with Tornado for units equiped with sound.


- Enclosed cabinet with full colour themed decals (U.V. resistant), roof section , pool frame and pool liner. Central pump housing complete with water pump and 12V distribution solenoids, power supply unit (115-230V) and control electronics featuring full cash and game reporting.


- Single mains pump (1kW) is used to re-circulate and pump water through each gun and a large pool filter prevents debris from entering the pump and water jets.